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Tarpon Solutions is a family owned and family run team providing roofing services like leak remediation, roof restoration, consultative services and systems for wall, balcony and foundation waterproofing/aesthetic applications. Maintenance and repair have, in many cases, been the opportunity for us to meet our typical customer for the first time. The first step is to give us a call, meet with our staff and let us listen so we can offer our expert advice and at the minimum, provide information/education that can improve your facility. Enjoy reviewing our website and look forward to visiting soon.

Complete Roof Restorations

(Metal, EPDM, PVC, TPO, and Asphalt Based Systems) Most commercial and/or industrial roofs can be fully restored with an elastomeric roof coating without any removal or replacement of the existing roof system. Full roof restorations will:

    1. Prolong the life of your roof with renewable warranties from the top reputable manufacturers in the industry.
    2. Reduce roof temperatures with highly reflective liquid membranes promoting lower thermal drive and reduction in movement. Additionally, customers will see significant savings in energy costs and enhancing the environment reducing global heat island effects and, in some cases, eligible for energy provider rebates.
    3. installation is far less disruptive on your business and the building occupants and potential patrons.
    4. Change the aesthetics of your roof! Some coatings can be tinted and applied to update the look of your roof and potentially translating into more business.

Leak Repairs

The longevity of your roof in addition to mother nature together will cause leaks on every roof. Your roof is the first line of defense for harsh weather conditions and over time screws will loosen, seams will open, and penetrations will shift; Conditions like this will make it possible for water to enter your facility.

Our team will survey the roof where the leak is reported, and in some cases a water test is necessary to find the exact location of intrusion. Once the leak is located, we can properly seal and flash that location so water is no longer able to enter.

“Our attention to detail and years of experience have made us experts on finding and fixing leaks. “ – Just ask our clients!

Self-Storage Association Member

We are members of the Self-Storage Association as a vendor and currently providing roof solutions for many Self Storage facilities in the Southeast. A leaking unit is an un-rentable unit. Contact us if you are a managing member/owner of a Self-Storage facility that is needing to be 100% rentable!

Roof Maintenance Plans

Roof Maintenance plans are available and customizable. These plans are built to preserve your new roof restoration or to better maintain your current roof with scheduled roof and gutter cleanings or leak remediation – “a made for you” maintenance plan will ensure you get more leak free life out of your roof.

Manufacturer’s Warranties and Extended Warranties

We are certified applicators with many of the top manufacturers. Many manufacturers offer 10-, 15- and 20-year material warranties, all depending on the type of roof and coating system applied. With proper care and attention, your warranty can even be renewed at a portion of the full restoration cost.

Gutter Systems Remediation

A clean gutter is a working gutter. Gutter systems are meant to work with your roof to shed water. If your gutter system does not have proper water flow, water will find a way in through the roof. We offer many gutter remediation services: Water test to ensure proper shedding, gutter system clean outs including down spouts, as well as flood coating gutter and gutter systems to fix leaks.  We can also replace gutters if they are beyond remediation.


Energy Efficient

Our full restoration systems not only encapsulate the roof but reflect UV and reduce thermal drive into the building. End result is cooling the building, saving energy and often times paying for itself due to energy bill reduction.


Budget Friendly

Several options available to accommodate sensitive budget requirements including preserving the roof rather than costly replacement.


Always Our Crew

We do not sub out any of our jobs, it is always our crews on our jobs. We take great pride in our workmanship and stand behind our work.

Need A Roof  Evaluation/Inspection?

We’ve Been in the Coating Business for Over 10+ years

We appreciate our customers and enjoy building relationships with each job. 

Client Testimonials


Recommendations for seal coating commercial roofs. Peachtree City has worked with Scott Etheridge from Tarpon Roofing Solutions for several years they have coated Fire Station, Public Works, Admin, Shops, Pole barns, Fueling Station metal roofs etc. Scott’s team awesome to work with. The guys are very professional extremely courteous to City staff and Public. If your not sure about anything on roof project Scott will answer all your questions go up on roof and go over it before project during and after.   All our roofs that Tarpon has applied coating systems on work there much cooler saves power , less utility bills.  No leaks, no rusting away, no metal panel separations, less roofing repairs etc. The roofs will continue to serve are needs for years to come in the future without the expense of replacing roof systems. Huge cost saving benefit to our City.  Thanks ScottTarpon solutions you guys are awesome!

PTC Public Works


Tarpon Solutions has been our roofing provider for the last few years. They have always provided us with a great roof along with excellent customer service. When we had an issue they showed up the same day to fix our issue.  I would recommend them not only for their great work but for always standing behind their work. They are a pleasure to work with.
Georgia Carpet Industries


Tarpon Solutions came to our building and met with us to explain their process for reviewing our roof. It turned out we had hail damage that a previous roofing company had not discovered. Tarpon helped us work with our insurance company to cover a large portion of the repair costs. Once they began the job, everything was handled flawlessly with daily updates and images on their progress. They also came back within one day when called about one area that had an issue afterwards. I would recommend them to anyone looking to repair a roofing issue.

Riztex USA Inc.

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EPDM Full Restoration (Church)

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