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Recommendations for seal coating commercial roofs. Peachtree City has worked with Scott Etheridge from Tarpon Roofing Solutions for several years they have coated Fire Station, Public Works, Admin, Shops, Pole barns, Fueling Station metal roofs etc. Scott’s team awesome to work with. The guys are very professional extremely courteous to City staff and Public. If your not sure about anything on roof project Scott will answer all your questions go up on roof and go over it before project during and after.   All our roofs that Tarpon has applied coating systems on work there much cooler saves power , less utility bills.  No leaks, no rusting away, no metal panel separations, less roofing repairs etc. The roofs will continue to serve are needs for years to come in the future without the expense of replacing roof systems. Huge cost saving benefit to our City.  Thanks ScottTarpon solutions you guys are awesome!